Name (Last, First) Institution Year Title
Avivi, Hadar UC Berkeley 6 One Land, Many Promises: Public Housing Recommendation in the Face of Heterogeneity
Bonheur (Bauer), Amanda UC San Diego 5 Is Slacktivism Harmless? Unintended Consequence of Social Media Activism
Chen, Yongli UC Riverside 4 Long-Run Impacts of a Nutrition Improvements Program on Education and its Intergenerational Mobility: Evidence from Rural China
Eastmond, Tanner S. UC San Diego 5 Can Familiarity Breed Advocacy? Evidence from Volunteer Missionary Service for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Foy, Morgan UC Berkeley 4 When Politics Become Public: Civil Service Protections and Bureaucratic Careers
Guo, Jingyan UC Riverside 3 Sleep and Fatal Vehicle Crashes: Evidence from Sunset Time in the United States
Ippedico, Giuseppe UC Davis 5 Can Tax Incentives Bring Brains Back? The Effects of Returnees’ Tax Schemes on High-Skilled Migration in Italy
Jaskiewicz, Anna UC Santa Barbara 5 Intergenerational Impact of Anti-Black Hate Crimes
Kang, Eunseo UC Santa Barbara 5 Age Effect in Developing Countries with International Evidence
Kaur, Opinder UC Riverside 5 Teacher Value-Added Spillovers: How Far They Transcend
Kunze, Konstantin UC Davis 6 Public Health Insurance of Children and Parental Labor Market Outcomes
Lee, Jung Hyuk USC 5 Information Frictions in Job Search and Occupational Segregation
Mahler, Amy USC 5 The Impact of Workload on Productivity and Burnout
Ospino, Anderson UC Davis 6 Did the Expansion of Medicaid Lessen the Impacts of Air Pollution on Birth Outcomes
Pai, Anjali UC San Diego 3 The Effect of Information Provision on Minority Retention in Undergraduate Economics: Evidence from a Field Experiment
Pousada, Beatriz Stanford Unv. 6 The Effect of a Wage Floor in the Market for Outsourced Workers
Qiu, Zhuoyu UC Riverside 1 The Impact of Marriage Tax Bonus and Penalty on Marital Decisions in the U.S.
Robinson, Sarah UC Santa Barbara 6 Effect of State Insurance Mandates on Employers’ Choice to Self-Insure
Sauers, Zachary UCLA 6 Student Debt and High-Skilled Worker Location Choice
Schuh, Rachel Stanford Unv. 6 “Miss”-Allocation: Occupational Gender Segregation and Gender Composition Preferences
Schwarz, Molly UC Santa Barbara 7 Who Becomes a School Leader? An Investigation of Teachers’ Careers and Value-Added
Shin, Jaeyeon UC San Diego 2 Revealing Status and Educational Investments: Evidence from Undocumented Immigrants
Stainier, Paul UCLA 3 The Distribution of Workplace Climate Exposure
Vasishth, Mahima UC Irvine 6 Local Media Reports about Sexual Assaults and Judicial Outcomes in India